About Rachel Lyn Rumson

Rachel Lyn Rumson is very interested the new economy, localization of the food system, increasing the capacity of people to share their gifts. She believes that change starts with you. From there, it is moves outward in circles of ‘we’.

She challenges assumptions and beliefs that don’t serve, creates breathing room for people by helping them to re-frame their situation and she gathers our stories so that we can find our collective identity, and our share place.

There have been a great many cultural disruptions that have disconnected us from our land, our medicine and our selves. Many of us are carrying the pain of this around with us, and suffering alone. When we use creativity, intuition and play, we can we change patterns of oppression (consumerism, patriarchy, individuality). We can with some practice, reach into the inter-generational patterns that influence our behavior today and begin to lead more intentional lives.

Rachel Lyn Rumson, Activator & Arranger


As a energetic facilitator and educator. She has strengths in both executing projects and influencing people. She facilitates leadership development program for a variety of groups and consults on community and economic development projects, and events, that are engaging, participatory and innovative.

You can read more about her on LinkedIn.com.

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