Cooperative Design Lab: Keeping The Flame

What I really want to tell you about the Cooperative Design Lab is that it is for trailblazers. IMG_0790 - CopyTrailblazers are willing to step out of the existing, or dominate systems, such as the global food system, concentrated property ownership and extractive energy systems to create a new ways of getting things done.

People who take the Cooperative Design Lab think locally about pooling resources, sharing workloads and sharing ownership. They are aware of their limitations as an individual, aware of needs in their community and believe in the power of a small group of people to change the world. These pioneering people take risks and they are seeking community to realize their vision.

Cooperative Design Lab participants want to create a Co-op Plan and the participatory skills to succeed. They  are a vigorously opportunistic species and have an interest in sustainability and are actively looking for the way forward. Do you know anyone like this? If so, please send them to Cooperative Design Lab.

Cooperative Design Lab Co-facilitators are lighting the way to the new economy future, one cooperative at a time.

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