January 24 – Winter Canning. Winter is a great time to can your frozen harvest. It warms up the kitchen and it humidifies the air. In this class, we will be making a no-fuss red sauce from frozen tomatoes and can it using the water bath canning method. Register here.

February 7 – Fermentation Series: Kombucha Making. In this series, you will learn about making the popular, nourishing and probiotic beverage Kombucha. In the first class, we will make a batch blending green and black teas in a primary fermentation process.  On the second week (Feb 21) we will learn to flavor and bottle the drink in a secondary fermentation. Register here.

April 6 – May 19 – Seven week PDC: Homestead Permaculture Design Course at George Perley House B&B. Registration opening soon.

April  – Women’s Online PDC with Women’s Permaculture Guild  Education.  Register here.

June – Social Permaculture and Rewiliding Retreat with Rachel Lyn Rumson, Caitlin Horigan and Zach Charles at George Perley House B&B. Registration opening soon.


April 6 – Grow Your Own Organic Garden with MOFGA at Gray Adult Education.  Register here.

July 30 – August 12 – Permaculture Design Certification Intensive at Center for the Ecology Based Economy with Scott Vlaun – Register here.

March 29 – August 2 – Group Leadership and Empowerment: Training in Social Permaculture with Starhawk and Pandora Thomas.  (Attending)

Oct 10 – Cooperative Design Lab 2018  – Apply here.


April 6 – Grow Your Own Organic Garden with MOFGA at Cumberland Community Education, Cumberland Maine.

April 2016 – Jan 2017 – Cooperative Design Lab  2017 with Abby Sadauckus, Kate Wallace, Sara Lentz and Nathan Cowing

September 2016 – Fermentation 101 with Gray Adult Education

April 2016 – Gardening On Ledge with Gray Adult Education

May 2016 – Creating Cozier Outdoor Spaces with Gray Adult Education


January 22 – Participatory Event Design & Facilitation, a APDC elective class at The Resilience Hub Portland, Maine

January 31 to March – Cooperative Design Lab 2015 – New Gloucester, Maine with Jonah Fertig and Rocky Coastlines

March 7  – Introduction to Permaculture in South Portland, Maine

March 28 – Camp Knowledge with Maine Shared Services Alliance and Southern Kennebec Child Development Corporation  – Waterville, Maine

April 4 – Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective film screening with Lisa Fernandes, Heather Foran, David Homa, and Aaron Parker – Luther Bonney Auditorum, University of Southern Maine – Portland, Maine

April 8 – Grow Your Own Organic Garden with MOFGA at Whole Foods, Portland Maine

April 23- Ecologies of Enterprise: 8 Forms of Capital for a New Food Economy at the Resilience Hub, Portland Maine

May 05 – Mayors Food Forum and Community Supper at Reiche Elementary School, Portland Maine with Mayor Mike Brennen

Oct 23 – Garden & Homestead Tour at Edgewood Nursery, Falmouth Maine with Aaron Parker


January 10 –Farm of the Future film screening and community discussion at Kittery Community Center, Kittery, Maine with Julie McLoed and Maury Hepner.

February 20 – From Crisis to Creativity: Business Planning for Everyone (Using permaculture!) at The Resilience Hub, Portland maine

February to June – Permaculture Design Certificate Course at R.W. Traip Academy, Kittery Maine, with Lisa Fernades

March 15 – Conversation about Region-wide Resilience at Antioch University, Keene, New Hampshire

April 11 –  The Art of Participatory Leadership: Building Resilient Community and Organizations to Create Change,  Open Enrollment Training for Resilience and Transition Leaders in Saco, Maine with Katey Branch, Lisa Fernandes, Jerry Nagel, Tenneson Woolf, Bob Stilger, and Zizi Vlaun

May 12 – Sheet Mulching Class at Wayfinder School Garden, New Gloucester Maine

May 23 – Polyculture Mini Course in New Gloucester Maine

May 31 – Polyculture Mini Course in Gorham, Maine

June 21 – Thomas College Gathering with Maine Shared Service Alliance – Waterville, Maine

July 4 – Northeast Permaculture Convergence 2014  Unity, Maine

May to September – Wayfinder Schools Garden – New Gloucester, Maine

September to May – Wayfinder Schools Ecology Course  – New Gloucester, Maine

September 15 – Oct 27 Introduction to Permaculture Design short course, New Gloucester Maine

October 14 – Maine Shared Services Alliance Provider Gathering – Orono, Maine

October 21-22 – Northeast Permaculture Retreat at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck New York

November 14 – Advanced Permaculture Design Certificate Course– at the Resilience Hub Portland, Maine with Lisa Fernandes and Jesse Watson (Attended.)


March 23 – A Resilient Future for Portland? Movie Night: In Transition 2.0 at the Resilience Hub, Portland Maine

July 11 – Shift Change Film screening & Exploration to form a Woodworkers Co-op in South Portland Maine

November to March  – Permaculture Design Certificate Winter Course with Lisa Fernandes at The Resilience Hub Portland Maine

December 7 – Introduction to Permaculture Short Course at R.W. Traip Academy, Kittery Maine, with Julie McLoed


October 4 – Local Action Can Change the World at  Ludcke Auditorum, University of New England, Portland Maine with Rob Hopkins, Lisa Fernanades, John Rooks

October 5  – New England Transition and Resilience Gathering at the Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church, Portland Maine with Montpelier Transition, Transition Newburyport, Transition Belfast, Grassroots Environmental Fund, The Resilience Hub, Transition Portland, Sustainable Dartmouth, Jamaica Plain New Economy Transition, Southeastern Massachusetts Time Bank, Institute for Policy Studies and many more

November to March – Permactulture Design Certificate Winter course at the Resilience Hub with Lisa Fernandes – Portland, Maine