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Royal River Permaculture is the professional home of Rachel Lyn Rumson, systems thinker, educator, process consultant, innkeeper and mother. In collaboration with a network of folks, Rachel Lyn offers retreats and workshops that increase capacity for social and cultural change. She helps leaders to reconnect and pay with emergence until they embody the future they want to co-create.

Our programs are robust focusing shifting from Ego-based behavior to participating in ecological systems. Ego to Eco. In our programs people explore place-making and homestead craft as a way to honor our ourselves, the planet and our communities. It is all inspired by permaculture ethics and principles and action research.

We work with both inner and outer landscapes to address cultural and psychological patterns that we want to release and we encourage creating new systems. Our courses unpack dominate patterns, like those of power and privilege, trauma and healing, conflict and creativity, individuality and solidarity.

Contact Rachel Lyn at rachellyn.rumson@gmail.com

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