Classes & Courses

Want to find out more about permaculture? Attend a course in Ecological Garden Design, Introduction to Permaculture, Social Permaculture or Earth Classroom with Rachel Lyn and friends. Mini courses provide you with an opportunity to actively learn about the principles or permaculture, see examples of projects being implemented in our region and apply them to a context that you need to use them in immediately.

Introductory Courses are primarily a way of sharing skills and knowledge, and building interest in a community. They are an excellent way of starting a local group, or getting other people in the area together and get involved in community projects.


Ecological Garden Design. This course presents an approach to garden design that uses principles and ethics of permaculture to create resilient, low maintenance gardens that host a lively balanced ecology. Learn how to arrange regenerative systems in your backyard, schoolyard or public park using polycultures, edible perennials and sheet mulch.

This course most often will include the following segments:

  • Ethics and principles
  • site analysis and assessment practices
  • polyculture design
  • a practical exercise or a walk
  • a video
  • An introduction to some methods to activate fertility and how to apply ecological principles in your garden

Introduction to Permaculture. This course provides the opportunity to discuss building resilient homes, organizations or schools in a positive, creative and supportive space. The course is thought provoking and engaging.

This Introductory course is usually held over a weekend, and most often will include the following sections:

  • Ethics and principles
  • Design Process
  • Examples of permaculture
  • An observation exercise
  • A video
  • A practical exercise or walk
  • An overview of the resources in the area

This course is an overview and does not cover topics in great detail. If you already know you want to find out about permaculture in more depth, it may be better to go straight on to a full Permaculture Design Course (PDC) or an Applied PDC. In our area these are currently offered by Lisa Fernandes, Dave Homa and Scott Vlaun. Some people however have found that attending an introduction to permaculture course was enough – with the enthusiasm generated by the course, plus books and their own knowledge, people have gone on to create some incredible projects after attending the weekend course.

Social Permaculture. This course explores the social aspects of permaculture and will focus on designing the social landscape. This course looks at both the inner and outer landscapes of self and group life to find leverage points for change. This course gets rooted into the “culture” in permaculture and will give you an overview of the breadth and scale of permaculture design as a strategy whole systems design and change. It is essential for leaders who want to lead regenerative systems.

This course will give you a taste of social permaculture. If you already know you want to find out about social permaculture in more depth, it may be better to go straight on to a Regenerative Leadership Course: A Social PDC, or Cooperative Design Lab.

Earth Classroom Series. This class is made for educators that are bringing sustainability concepts into their lessons already and want to integrate more hands-on activities into their lessons. This course looks at the landscape as a learning platform for high engagement and interaction with natural ecosystems. It gives a place-based learning approach to permaculture design. There are permaculture concepts introduced and applied to help solve classroom challenges. There are takeaway activities and project ideas for your school garden project.

*All mini courses can be delivered in a variety of formats ranging from two days to two hours.